Thank You for Attending The Future of Food Assistance for Nutrition: Evidence Summit II 

On Wednesday, December 16, the CORE Group’s Nutrition Working Group hosted Dr. Patrick Webb and Dr. Beatrice Lorge Rogers from the Food Aid Quality Review project to present findings, challenges, and emerging concerns proceeding the recent successful conference, The Future of Food Assistance for Nutrition: Evidence Summit II

The Summit brought together several hundred practitioners, policymakers, industry professionals, program funders, and researchers from 62 countries to share and discuss new evidence, prioritize future evidence needs, and consider how we can collaborate to support more cost-effective programming aimed at improving nutrition in the context of food assistance interventions of all kinds. The summit was an opportunity to showcase new findings from research studies around the world, covering key food assistance for nutrition themes, including the impacts of pandemics and other disease outbreaks on programming and supply chain logistics, recent advances in science related to nutrition and specialized nutritious food products, and what we still need to know to improve programming.

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